Other Sports



There is only one rule in Boomerang: whatever you like watching - we like screening it! Tell us what is your cup of tea - and we'll serve it. Being it rugby, or water-polo, or swimming, or volleyball, or handball, or golf - just say the word! Whatever pumps up your adrenaline and makes you happy - if we can find the broadcast - we'll deliver it.

Feel free at any time to approach one of our team members and ask for your favorite sporting event. It would be a good idea to do it at least a day in advance, to give us some time to find the channel broadcasting it (if there is one available). It does not matter if the broadcast takes place in the morning, or afternoon, or evening - we'll be happy to be at your service. Naturally, the events attracting more audience will have the advantage, and in that case we'll even give you the commentary, but even if its only you showing interest in your favorite game, if its possible, we'll be happy to find you a seat and a TV screen so you don't miss out.