There is no doubt about it - football is THE SPORT at Boomerang!

We are covering all major football events of the summer season (May-October) - mostly major European leagues and international competitions. Also, we are more than happy to screen any game that you might be interested in, as long as we can find its broadcast. So feel free to ask us if we can show your home-team's game - whether that is Liverpool, or Man Utd, or Stoke, or QPR , Bayern, Lazio, Paok, Partizan, Zvezda, Steaua, Dinamo, Barcelona, PSV, Ajax - its not about the influence or fame - the Boomerang is all about the love - and if you love it, we'll show it! 


These will be the key football events of the 2016 at Boomerang:

  • Champions League (finals and qualifications)
  • Europa League (finals and qualifications)
  • UEFA EURO 2016
  • Rio Olympics 2016
  • Premier League
  • Bundesliga
  • Eredivisie
  • Calcio seria A
  • Spanish Supercopa