Daytime at Boomerang

Daytime is a wonderful period of the day to be spent in a Boomerang. Its all about the beach, water, Greek sun, fresh, cool drinks, chilling-out, day-dreaming.

Have a G' Boomerang Day!



Is there a better way to start a day from having a delicious breakfast by a beautiful beach?  

Especially when you wake up after a smashing, but a bit rough night, only to discover that at your hotel they stopped serving breakfast... 

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When you are at the Boomerang, the beach is literally two steps away! There you'll be greeted by nice sandy approach to the sea, sandy bottom (leave your watershoes behind 'cause you won't need them), complementary sunbeds and umbrellas, and friendly Boomerang staff set to spoil you as you enjoy the lovely sand, the Greek sun and work on that tan of yours. We will bring your cool refreshments right to your feet - right on the beach!

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We are serious about our coffee! For all you coffee lovers we provide the best Italian espresso – Illy, and we pride on making it to the perfection.



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Fancy a light lunch after a good swim? We’ll take care of that as well.





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Daytime Top Sellers


Here are the most-ordered afternoon drinks and snacks at the Boomerang Beach:

  • All-time top seller: Ice cold draught Mythos
  • Nescafe frappe
  • Cappuccino (Illy espresso)
  • Milkshake
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Mixed toast
  • Tuna roll
  • Greek salad


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